Service Area - Cambridge, MA - Rescom

Service Area - Cambridge, MA - Rescom

Modern Windows For Modern Homes in Cambridge, MA — From Rescom Exteriors

Home of Harvard and “the most innovative square mile on the planet” (Kendall Square), Cambridge, MA is the sort of town that draws people from all over the country. Often, college students or startup entrepreneurs fall in love with Cambridge and decide to stay and build their homes. With such innovative, creative minds throughout Cambridge, nothing less than innovative and cutting-edge windows and doors will do. That’s what you’ll find when you order windows and doors from Rescom Exteriors.

Windows Are Constantly Advancing — Why Be Stuck in the Past With Your Cambridge Windows?

Take a look at a window from 20 or 30 years ago and compare it to a window today. Even if they look similar, there are likely to be advanced features in the modern window that wasn’t as available before. For instance, once upon a time, wood window frames were the popular option. Today, you’ll find more vinyl or fiberglass window frames. Single-pane windows used to be the only option that you could find. Now, double and even triple-pane windows are available. Windows today are built with energy efficiency, noise reduction, and durability in mind.

So if your window is more than 30 years old, it’s a certainty that you’re missing out on some of the latest, most exciting advances in window construction. It’s also more likely that your once reliable windows are becoming worn down.

Rescom Exteriors Offers the Latest and Greatest When It Comes to Windows

Our windows are as energy-efficient as they come, with triple-pane thickness and our patented Alpha-10 gas fillings that outperform typical argon and krypton gases. The density and robust frame of these windows helps to keep them “whisper quiet,” reducing noise and allowing you the privacy you deserve in your home. Every window comes with “bank vault” level security interior locking systems, and it’s for all these reasons and more that we offer 50-year non-prorated guarantees on all our windows — as well as our steel doors.

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Our Core Values at Rescom Exteriors

In an industry where window and door companies come and go in just a few years, how have we stayed open since 1995, with over 16,000 customers served? We’re committed to a high level of quality and customer satisfaction. No one holds us to a higher standard than we hold ourselves, sticking to our six core values in every job:

  • Innovation. We’re constantly looking toward the best in windows and doors, and we always offer the latest and greatest to our customers.
  • Honesty. Honesty is our policy. We offer a fair, upfront quote with no sugarcoating, and we’re very clear about our process every time.
  • Precision. We want to get every single detail right because we know how much every single detail matters.
  • Accountability. No one is perfect, even with 26+ years of experience, but we don’t blame others for our own mistakes. If you need us to come out and fix something, we’ll be there
  • Value. Our windows aren’t the cheapest, but if you want the long-term value that pays for itself over time, you’ll find it with Rescom Exteriors
  • Respect. You’ll receive nothing less than respect from our team at Rescom Exteriors. A professional crew, clear communication, a clean home.
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Rescom Exteriors Services in Cambridge, MA

For Truly Innovative Windows & Doors, Check Rescom Exteriors

Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free window and door quote. Don’t live in Cambridge, MA? Check out our full list of service areas to see if you’re within our range.