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Service Area - Haverhill, MA - Rescom

Windows and Doors You Can Count On In Haverhill, MA

Haverhill began as a small farming town that hit a boom during the Industrial Revolution and reached a housing renaissance in the 21st century. Today, Haverhill is still an incredible place to settle down in your forever home, just 35 miles north of Boston and 17 miles from the ocean. Are you still looking for the perfect replacement windows and doors to make your new home truly feel like home? Rescom Exteriors has you covered with high-quality windows and doors engineered for Haverhill, MA homes. 

Are Your Old Haverhill Windows Failing Your Home?

The truth is, most windows don’t last longer than 30 years. Old, single-pane windows can become worn down in as few as 8 years. As your windows age, you may notice signs that they’re failing your home, such as:

  • Cold drafts
  • Hot window glass
  • Bleached furniture near the window
  • Difficulty opening, closing or locking the windows
  • Loud creaking when you open the window

You may also notice your energy bills becoming increasingly more expensive as your windows let more heat escape your home. After a time, if you don’t replace your old windows, they’ll start to cost you.

Rescom Exteriors Offers Durable, Beautiful, and Secure Windows

Our windows are designed to last as long as you have the home, which is why we offer 50-year prorated warranties on our windows. Our windows are triple-pane and more energy-efficient than most competing windows for optimum comfort and energy savings. They’re also incredibly secure, with four-way interior locking systems and titanium composite skeletons to our vinyl window frames. These windows are engineered to stand up to the Haverhill, MA climate elements and last on modern homes for years and years.

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Get to Know Rescom Exteriors’ Core Values

Many window and door companies come and go, but we’ve been in business since 1995, and we’re still going strong. We provide excellent service to our customers time and time again by holding to our core values:

  • Innovation. To provide our customers the best, we have to stay on top of the industry advances constantly, and our windows and doors offer innovative new features.
  • Honesty. No gotchas. No high-pressure sales tactics. We’re open and honest from the beginning of the job, and we stay that way.
  • Precision. Precision is essential when installing new windows and doors. Even if it’s not immediately apparent, we won’t leave until every little detail is just so.
  • Accountability. If there’s a problem, we won’t play the blame game. We’ll come out and fix it. We have your back day and night, no matter the time of year.
  • Value. There’s a difference between the best upfront cost and the best long-term value. Cheap products will often fall apart after a few years. On the other hand, our products will only add to the value of your home as time goes on.
  • Respect. We’ll treat your home with care and respect. Everyone on our team is prompt, cleanly, professional, and will treat you with the respect you deserve.
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All Services Available From Rescom Exteriors in Haverhill, MA

Looking For New Windows and Doors? Look No Further Than Rescom Exteriors.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our windows and doors or to schedule a free quote. Don’t live in Haverhill, MA? Don’t worry. Just check out our list of service areas to see if you’re within our range!