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Service Area - Lynn MA - Windows - Rescom

Strong, Silent, Efficient Windows For Your Lynn, MA Home

How much do your windows make your home in Lynn, MA? Windows can impact how much time you want to spend in a room, how much you can rely on natural lighting as opposed to electric lighting, and even how comfortable or secure your room is. If your current windows are failing you, it’s time to upgrade — and Rescom Exteriors has just the right windows for your home.

Do Your Windows Fit Your Climate in Lynn, MA?

When it comes to windows, the truth is there is no one-size-fits-all. Every home is different and every homeowner is different. One major factor is the climate in which you live. Windows made for hot, dry climates likely won’t do well in mild, humid climates. Your windows might be wind resistant, but how do they handle heavy snow?

In Lynn, Massachusetts, we tend to experience all four seasons in the extremes. The problem is most windows aren’t designed for the New England climate. But that’s where Rescom Exteriors windows stand out.

Rescom Exteriors — Designed In New England For New England

We have the only windows you’ll find specifically designed for the New England climate. The highs and the lows, the humidity and the freeze, our windows can take it all. Here are a few things that make us stand out:

  • Triple pane glass with our exclusive Alpha-10 gas fillings between each pane for added insulation
  • Vinyl window frames with titanium skeletons for unbeatable vinyl window strength
  • A four-way interior locking system that’s bank fault secure
  • A 50-year non-prorated guarantee to show that these windows are built to last

The 6 Core Values of Rescom Exteriors

We’ve been in this business since 1995, and served over 16,000 happy customers. That’s a long record for a window company, but we’ve continued to impress with our stellar business practices and our core values.

  • Innovation. We’re constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to security and energy efficiency with our windows, and we’ll stay at the forefront of the industry for that reason.
  • Honesty. We don’t play pricing games or try to rope you in with hidden clauses. We prefer honesty in all of our practices, from beginning to end of the job.
  • Precision. Every little detail matters, which is why we make sure to be precise with all of our work.
  • Accountability. Need us to come out and fix something? Contact us at any time and we’ll be there to fix the issue.
  • Value. If you want windows with long term value, including a 50 year warranty, Rescom windows are the way to go.
  • Respect.Your window installation shouldn’t be a pain, and with a professional, respectful team, it won’t be.

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