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Service Area - Peabody, MA - Rescom

New Windows & Doors Built to Last In Peabody, MA — From Rescom Exteriors

Peabody, MA, has a rich history, especially during the industrial revolution, and many of the buildings and homes throughout the city show this through carefully preserved architecture. But preserving your history doesn’t mean you have to preserve old windows and doors that no longer serve your home. With Rescom Exteriors, you can find modern windows and doors that fit seamlessly with your classic home.

Can Old Windows & Doors Damage Your Peabody, MA Home?

The truth is, most windows and doors are not built to last, and the older they are, the less likely they are to serve your home in a helpful way. Even today, most good windows only have a life expectancy of 30 years, and that’s with double and even triple-pane options. Single pane windows might not last a full decade. Older windows with wood window frames or old wood doors can rot, warp, or swell. The question is, what’s the real problem with old windows and doors?

The main issue is energy efficiency. The older a window or door gets, the more worn down it will become and the less able it will be to resist heat. That means the heat will escape your home in the winter and get in during the summer, which will drive up your heating and cooling costs. And the less efficient your windows and doors are, the more they’ll decrease your home value. But it’s also about security. Aside from front doors, windows are the main way that home intruders get into the home. Old, worn-down windows are easy to break through and into your home.

Rescom Exteriors Windows & Doors Bring Your Peabody Home Into the 21st Century

Efficient, “whisper quiet” triple pane windows with vinyl frames reinforced by titanium composite and steel doors with steel door frames. These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with our windows and doors at Rescom Exteriors. While most windows are only expected to last 30 years, we can offer 50-year non-prorated guarantees on all of our products. Our windows and doors help to insulate your home, boost your home value, as well as boosting your home security. Our windows have bank-vault level security, with a four-way interior locking system and triple-pane windows that are much more difficult to break through.

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The 6 Core Values of Rescom Exteriors

We’ve served over 16,000 New England customers in Peabody and beyond since 1995, and we’re not going anywhere any time soon. Our longevity is a source of comfort since so many windows and door companies come and go in just a few years. Another comfort is the six core values to which we hold ourselves when we take any job.

  • Innovation. Modern windows and doors with modern features for modern homeowners. We’re constantly looking ahead and innovating so that our windows stay cutting-edge.
  • Honesty. We begin with an honest window and door quote, no sugarcoating, followed by ethical practices throughout the job.
  • Precision. We’re detail-oriented to a T, obsessed with ensuring every element of your window and door installation goes the way it should.
  • Accountability. If we mess up, we won’t waste time placing blame or making excuses. We’ll just come out and fix it, guaranteed.
  • Value. There’s the upfront cost and then long-term value. Our windows and doors aren’t the cheapest upfront, but the long-term value makes them well worth purchasing.
  • Respect. We treat all our customers with respect and care, every time, in every home.
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Rescom Exteriors Services in Peabody, MA

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