Service Area - Salem, MA - Rescom

Service Area - Salem, MA - Rescom

Secure, Titanium Tough Windows and Doors in Salem, MA From Rescom Exteriors

Famous as it may be for its museums about the historical witch trials and pirates, Salem is for more than just tourists. This town is a colorful, friendly place to live and raise a family, just a short distance from Boston. And, of course, it really comes alive around the Halloween season. However, one thing that doesn’t have to be spooky is your replacement windows and doors. Rescom Exteriors has tough, durable windows and doors that you can count on to last your home year after year.

Can Your Salem, MA Windows and Doors Be More Secure?

Your front door might be the entrance to your home to let in your friends, family, and other guests when you want to entertain. Similarly, your windows might let in a wonderful breeze when you want to feel some fresh air from inside. However, what they shouldn’t do is allow unwanted guests into your home…of any kind. Home intruders might try to break down your windows and doors to get into your home, or bugs and rodents might look for cracks to get in. You might even find unwanted heat creeping in through energy inefficient windows and doors or heat escaping your home during the winter.

You want strong, durable, and energy-efficient doors in order to truly protect your home and make sure that nothing gets in without your say-so.

Rescom Exteriors Windows and Doors are Specifically Engineered For the Region

Our windows are bank vault secure — literally, their security systems are designed after those used by bank vaults. This includes a four-way interior locking system as well as a titanium composite skeleton to every vinyl window. In addition, our entry doors are made of real steel, even the frame, and a heavy deadbolt system for extra strength.

It’s not just the security of these windows and doors. Our windows are also over 100% more energy-efficient than competing windows, sometimes even over 400% more efficient. So with these windows, you’ll actually save on your energy bills while staying comfortable. And with unbeatable sound reduction, you can enjoy peace and quiet in your own home.

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What Are Our Core Values At Rescom Exteriors?

We’ve been serving Salem and surrounding areas since 1995, and with over 16,000 happy customers served, we don’t plan to go anywhere any time soon. But how did we become so successful, and what keeps us at our high standard of excellence? It all comes down to our core values:

  • Innovation. Innovative, modern features for windows and doors help keep us at the head of the industry again and again.
  • Honesty. From the beginning, we’ll offer an honest and fair quote, no sugarcoating about our process, and no high-pressure sales tactics. That honesty and transparency will follow through to the end of the job.
  • Precision. We’re perfectionists, so we make sure to get every last detail right. Even if it’s not a detail you’d notice, we’d know, and we won’t settle for anything less.
  • Accountability. If we mess up, we’ll come and fix it. There’s no blame game or trying to get out of it. We’re available whenever you need us, night or day, rain or shine.
  • Value. We’re not the cheapest window and door company, but as they say, “You get what you pay for.” What you get with us is the best long-term value, so much so that we can back it up with 50-year non-prorated warranties.
  • Respect. Any relationship — especially professional relationships — comes down to respect. We’ll respect you, your home, and your family for the entire duration of the job and treat you as such.
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Rescom Exteriors Services Available in Salem, MA

Need Tough, Secure Windows and Doors in Salem, MA? Let Rescom Exteriors Help!

Contact us today for more information about the many benefits of our windows and doors or to get started today. Not located in Salem, MA? Check out our list of service areas to see if you’re within range.