The 4 Most Common Window Defects We Handle For New England Homeowners

The 4 Most Common Window Defects We Handle For New England Homeowners

October 12, 2021

4 Common Window Defects We ALWAYS Take Care Of For Our Customers

Defects With Our Windows Are ULTRA Rare. But When
They Do Happen, We WILL Correct Them. Period.

At Rescom Exteriors, we install premium-quality replacement windows and exterior doors. The absolute best of the best you can find in New England.

But nothing’s ever 100% perfect, right?

The truth is that defects with our windows and doors are exceedingly rare. As in, one-in-ten-thousand rare.

And when that 1 in 10,000 instance occurs? We fix the issue. No ifs. No ands. No buts. No excuses.

So… what, exactly, do these rare defects entail? Here’s a look…

#1: Delamination

Our windows come with special metal strips of aluminum on their exteriors, coated with a plastic or polymer to keep them protected. The aluminum comes out of the factory in coils, and — once in a very great while — small sections of them are defective and can delaminate.

The issue only pops up over time though, after enough exposure to the sun and seasons. If this occurs with one of our windows, give us a call. We’ll assess the problem and make things better than right.

#2: Screen Issues

Screens can also arrive in compromised shape. This almost always happens due to rough shipping, but there are infrequent instances it can occur during the manufacturing process.

It doesn’t matter why it happens. If your window screen is damaged on arrival, we WILL correct the problem.

#3: Slight Paint Defects On Doors

We’re proud of our Meticulous Door Installation Process.

With Rescom, you know it’s going to be picture-perfect.

That said, every once in a while one of our doors may have a small or slight paint defect — we estimate maybe 3%, tops. In this case, we either get it touched up with the included touch-up kit or help homeowners get a new core to remake the whole door.

#4: Glass Pack Preference

This isn’t a defect, but we feel it’s important to mention anyway.

If the glass pack you ordered for your windows doesn’t look the way you imagined when the actual windows arrive, let us know. We can swap the glass pack out for the one you want.

In Conclusion: Get Genuine Peace Of Mind With Rescom

When you work with us to update your windows and /or doors, you know you’re going to be taken care of for decades to come. We offer rock-solid 50-year guarantees on both Performance and Home Security.

Plus, you get good old-fashioned ‘call us anytime’ service from a long-standing member of the community here in New England (since 1995). Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact Us Today and we can schedule your friendly, Free Quote.