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For over a quarter-century, Rescom Exteriors has been helping New England homeowners to improve the look, feel, and value of their homes through quality door and window replacement. Through the years, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners. Here are what a few of them have to say…

Replacement Windows – Haverhill, MA

Local homeowner Ed turned to Rescom for beautiful, energy efficient replacement windows in Haverhill. Installing a few windows each year, he has been able to consistently add value to his home. Hear him talk about the difference that Rescom windows have made in his home and his experience with the Rescom team.

Replacement Windows & Patio Door – Haverhill, MA

Paul, a local homeowner in the Haverhill area, chose Rescom to install new sliding patio doors as well as nine sliding windows in his home. He immediately noticed the difference that Rescom doors and windows made in the noise level and the comfort of his home. Hear what he has to say.

Replacement Windows – Worcester, MA

Local homeowner Eileen is thrilled with her new Rescom replacement windows. She notes the noise-canceling properties of our replacement windows, as well as the courteous, professional manner of the Rescom team. She recommends that anyone who needs new windows in Worchester turn to Rescom.

Replacement Windows & 9-Foot Patio Door – Auburn, MA

Lisa chose Rescom to install a breathtaking 9-foot-tall patio door, as well as several replacement windows in her home. She is thrilled! In this video, she talks about the beauty of her new windows and doors and how great it was to work with Rescom.

Replacement Kitchen Windows – Haverhill, MA

This homeowner chose to replace several kitchen windows, and his description is all you need to know: “Beautiful, professional job. Excellent installation. Good, honest windows. Perfect!”

New Sliding Patio Door – Wendell, MA

The Krutka family of Wendell, MA asked Rescom to replace their tired, flaking old sliding door. What stood out about the project? The fact that our installation team cleaned up the job site as they went along and never “messed up” the house! Mrs. Krutka also appreciated the solid construction and smooth operation of her new sliding door, and how well we were able to fit it into the home’s rustic look.

Replacement Windows For Sunroom – Harwich, MA

he Naughton family of Harwich, MA is enjoying their beautiful sunroom a little more these days, thanks to 14 new replacement windows installed by Rescom Exteriors. The Naughton’s traditional sunroom had old, wooden frame windows that let in cold air all winter and allowed cool air-conditioned air to escape in the summer. Our new windows are already making a difference, as the Naughton’s are experiencing much more comfortable conditions in the sunroom, along with lower energy bills.

New Entry Door – Auburn, MA

The Mord family was restoring their 1800s-era home and asked Rescom Exteriors for help in replacing a weathered old door. We came up with a winner—a beautifully detailed and classically elegant entry door that fits perfectly with the antique look of the home. However, this door offers superior insulation and weather stripping that will deliver a big helping of energy savings.

Replacement Picture Window – Westfield, MA

Rescom Exteriors met the Lemberg family of Westfield, MA at the Westfield Fair, and we hit it off right away. The Lemberg’s asked us to install a new Bristol picture window, and the job went beautifully.

Replacement Windows – Greenfield, MA

New replacement windows throughout the upper level of the Gray family’s home in Greenfield, MA will result in lower heating and cooling bills. That’s what impressed this customer, who replaced all the upstairs windows.

Sliding Patio Door – Framingham, MA

Rescom installed a sliding glass door for Mr. Jesse Edwards of Framingham. He was extremely satisfied with the work!

Bay Window & Entry Door – Dracut, MA

Randy Gillis was very pleased with the work that Rescom Exteriors did on installing a bay window and new entry door in his home.

Replacement Window Installation – Westfield, MA

Ed lives next to an airport where F-15s fly. We installed 21 of our triple-pane windows, and now Ed’s home is nice and quiet!