Meet Your Windows & Doors Professionals | Leominster MA | Rescom

Meet Your Windows & Doors Professionals | Leominster MA | Rescom

Industry-Leading Triple-Pane Windows For The Leominster MA Climate

Work With Some of The Most Experienced High-End
Windows & Doors Installers In the Area!

Are you looking for new windows and/or doors in the Leominster MA area? Great! Welcome to Rescom Exteriors, a loyal local company that’s been around helping homeowners like you since 1995. 

That’s right, with over 133,000 successful installations under our professional belts and more than 16,000 customers, we’re proud to be among the most experienced home improvement companies in the entire region – at your disposal. 

On this page you can get to know us a bit better, see how we conduct business, and learn some about our manufacturer. Let’s begin with perhaps the most important question of all.

Why Rescom Exteriors

The central tennant you can count on with Rescom is this — we’re going to give you our best, without question. And we didn’t get through decades of hard home improvement work on empty promises, marketing gimmickry, or lip service. It’s etched in stone.

Here are some other ways we’re going to ensure to-notch service.

We ONLY Specialize in Windows & Doors

While we’ve had PLENTY of opportunities over the years to expand our services, we’ve stayed true to our windows & doors-only focus. We are genuine experts in this industry.

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Dependable 50-Year Guarantees

How could we offer you window and door products of such value without parallel degrees of protection? Our windows and doors come with a 50-Year Performance Guarantee… AND a 50-Year Home-Security Guarantee.

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Accommodating Financing

Many homeowners prefer to break investments into their home down into a series of payments at competitive rates. We have options for you to consider.

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All windows and doors installed by Rescom Exteriors come with the highest industry standards of energy efficiency, because that’s what homeowners today need.

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Our Services

Triple-Pane Windows

Our exclusive triple-pane windows are bank-vault secure, titanium-tough, and ultra-efficient.

  • Triple-Pane Comfort: At the end of the day that’s what it comes down to — increasing the amount of comfort in your home that’s tied to energy savings and control over the internal environment. Find Out More
  • Bank-Vault Secure: You want your windows to be secure. That’s why our windows are well-known to be as secure as possible with 4-deadbolt locking systems and so many other technicals. We even protect you with a 50-Year Home-Security Guarantee! Find Out More
  • Titanium Tough: Your new windows will have their skeleton reinforced with titanium for longer more reliable strength and warp-proof durability. Another way in which they’re bank-vault tough. Find Out More
  • Whisper Quiet: How much more peace and quiet can you expect? Current research puts the number at a whopping 66%. Find Out More

Entry Doors

Just picture a brand new, gorgeous, fully-custom steel entry door based on both your well-informed desires and the demands of your home’s entryway.

  • Wood is great, but our specially-fabricated steel is at least 9-times more secure.
  • No, it’s not wood, but no one will be able to tell unless you decide to show them. 
  • Enjoy 5-times more insulation in your steel door, for more in-home control & comfort.

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Patio Doors

Get the most efficient patio door available, with top-notch efficiency ratings and the whole nine yards. 

  • Your new patio door will be made with trailblazing triple-pane technology at scale.
  • Security is of paramount importance, and our patio doors come through with flying colors. 
  • Instead of mass-produced you get a fully custom-made patio door for a perfect fit.

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If you need to replace your windows, entry door, or patio doors in Leominster MA, contact us today for a free quote. We would be honored to hear from you