Rescom Exteriors Windows & Doors FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Company.

How is Rescom Exteriors different

We’re one of the few New England contractors that specialize exclusively in windows and doors. Our hyper-concentrated focus allows us to perform your installation with master-craftsman precision. We’ve replaced over 133,000 windows and doors since 1995!

And we not only do we exclusively install windows and doors… we install HIGH-END windows and doors. Our windows and patio doors are triple-pane and ultra-secure. Our entry doors are beautiful, heavy-duty, low-maintenance steel.

Bottom line: We have the products and expertise to produce incredible results for you. Explore our Why Us page to find out more about how we’re one of New England’s most trusted contractors.

Are you locally owned?

You bet. We’re a company with deep community roots.

We’re not some faceless corporation. We’re the folks you pass by in the grocery store. The people you wave “hi” to in church. Your next-door neighbors. Your friends. And we genuinely care about every single one of our 16,000+ customers.

Who, exactly, will perform my installation?

Our elite crew of certified, trained installers. Our installers have the experience and knowledge to deliver amazing, zero-no-detail workmanship. They abide by rigid procedures and protocols we set for customer service and workmanship, and they’re passionate about their craft.

Plus, they’re just plain friendly. You’ll find our installers respectful, professional, and easy to talk to. Their mission isn’t just providing top-notch installation—it’s providing a top-notch EXPERIENCE.

Are triple-pane windows truly better than double-pane windows?

Without question. And the research proves it.

Triple-pane isn’t just a better insulator. It’s also more secure, more durable, and quieter. Especially our triple-pane windows, which contain…

The only full substructure (made from titanium!) in a window for warp-proof performance

What are your warranties?

We protect your investment with two meaty guarantees: a 50-Year Performance Guarantee and a 50-Year Home-Security Guarantee. Both of which are fully transferable.

Find out more on our 50-Year Guarantees page.

Are you high pressure?

Not at all. We educate you on what’s best for your home and budget—period. We help you determine the right solution, provide a fair price, and then step back to let you decide how to proceed. Our quotes are comfortable and relaxed.

What are your window and door prices?

We sell premium products, so there’s a good chance we won’t be the cheapest. We’re concerned with providing maximum VALUE for your dollar with the longest lasting, highest performing materials.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, and we offer custom plans based on your budget. With our personalized financing, you can get high-caliber windows and doors on your home for payments that work for YOU. We also accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).

What areas of New England does Rescom Exteriors serve?

All of them! We’re located in Auburn, Massachusetts and serve all six New England states. Explore some of our service areas.

Are your replacement window and door quotes free?

Absolutely. The first step in any successful contractor-homeowner relationship is getting to know one another. That’s why our quotes are no-cost, no-obligation… and no-stress!

For answers to questions specifically about windows and doors, visit our Window FAQ and Door FAQ pages.