Skilled Local Windows & Doors Experts | Northborough MA | Rescom

Skilled Local Windows & Doors Experts | Northborough MA | Rescom

Top-Quality Windows & Doors Designed For Our Northborough MA Climate

We Have Over 16,000 Happy Customers
& 133,000 Windows & Doors Installed.

Good morning, afternoon or evening, and welcome Rescom Exteriors. Are you searching for top-quality new windows and doors for your Northborough MA home?

We’ve been providing folks with just those very products since 1995. And for those who want to try and wrap their minds around our entire body of work since then, that equates to over 133,000 successful installations for over 16,000 homeowners like you. It’s our bread and butter!

This page is here to help you get to know a bit more about us. It’ll only take you a minute or two to jot through it, and once you’re done you’ll know you have a real local asset at your disposal. 

Why Rescom Exteriors

Fire and foremost, a central philosophy we’ve used to fuel every project since day one is this: “For Rescom customers, it’s nothing but the best most accommodating service and high-quality windows and doors.

No, that’s not just some marketing gimmick, but a fact we’ve demonstrated for decades. 

Here are the other ways we ensure you’ll be happy you chose Rescom.

We ONLY Specialize in Windows & Doors

As a company we made a decision on day one to stick with one service and do it extremely well over the long haul rather than branching out and expanding into others. We’re true specialists.

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Dependable 50-Year Guarantees

When you invest in Rescom products, you get complete coverage including a Transferable Non-Prorated 50-Year Warranty… and a 50-Year Home Security Guarantee.

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Accommodating Financing

If you would like to investigate financing for your home improvement investment, we have a great variety of homeowner-friendly options to suit just about any budgeting need.

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Rescom is proud to provide Northborough MA homeowners with one of the only ENERGY STAR-certified window brands who design specifically for this region’s climate. For our customers we wouldn’t accept anything less.

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Our Services

Triple-Pane Windows

Our exclusive triple-pane windows are bank-vault secure, titanium-tough, and ultra-efficient.

  • Triple-Pane Comfort: The luxuries of these windows are the result of consistent innovation in the windows industry, from a manufacturer at the forefront for over three decades. Find Out More
  • Bank-Vault Secure: Combined with ultra-thick glass and outer framing a sledge-hammer could barely budge, the windows come with a 4-deadbolt locking system. WE pay that $500 deductible if any intruders manage to get through. It’s part of our 50-Year Home-Security Guarantee! Find Out More
  • Titanium Tough: To add to the locking mechanisms and framing, the skeletons of the windows themselves are reinforced with titanium. How’s that for durability and long-lasting strength? Find Out More
  • Whisper Quiet: These windows reduce noise pollution from outside the home by around 66%, so you’ll finally know true indoor tranquility and peace of quiet. Find Out More

Entry Doors

Rescom specialized in the installation of magnificently-designed, fully-custom steel entry doors based around your unique needs and tastes. 

  • Why? For starters because steel offers 9X the security as wood doors & frames.
  • And yet no one will know it isn’t a natural wood door even up close, unless you tell.
  • How about insulation? Our steel doors have 5X more for more in-home comfort.

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Patio Doors

Rescom also installs centerpiece-worthy patio doors with the best technicals and efficiency numbers on the market here in Northborough MA.

  • When we say these provide fantastic energy efficiency numbers, we’re not blowing smoke. We can prove every word. This technology can’t be beat!
  • Our patio doors are as secure in their own right as triple-pane windows, without thick specialty glass, and incredibly stout locking systems. 
  • Your patio door will be made custom, right there at your home onsite so there’s no surprises or mishaps. It’ll be a perfect fit!

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