Top High-Performance Windows & Doors | Westborough MA | Rescom

Top High-Performance Windows & Doors | Westborough MA | Rescom

Premium Windows & Doors Designed For The Westborough MA Climate

Since 1995, We’ve Done Over 133,000 Successful
Window & Doors Installs. We Know Our Stuff!

Welcome to Rescom Exteriors. We install triple-pane windows, ultra-efficient patio doors, and heavy-duty steel entry doors in the Westborough MA area. 

How long have we been in the business? Since 1995. In that time, we’ve installed over 133,000 windows and doors for over 16,000 New England homeowners like you.

Why Rescom Exteriors

The #1 reason to consider Rescom is the core philosophy underlying everything we do. And that is: 

Rescom customers deserve and get NOTHING but our absolute best, every time, no exceptions!

How do you know that’s not just some empty saying or nonsense remark? Because if it were, we would never have come this far as a company. And, we wouldn’t be able to attract and keep top talent around. Here are 5 other ways we ensure great results.

We ONLY Specialize in Windows & Doors

Windows and doors, that’s it – when we say we specialize in this one service we really mean it. There’s nothing else we would rather be doing for Westborough MA homeowners.

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Dependable 50-Year Guarantees

Get genuine ‘peace of mind’ coverage including a Transferable Non-Prorated 50-Year Warranty… and a 50-Year Home Security Guarantee.

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Accommodating Financing

If you would prefer to break your home improvement investment down into a custom payment plan, we have options to suit just about anyone with any budget.

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Another ‘only’ in our business is that we ONLY install cutting-edge ENERGY STAR-certified windows for outstanding efficiency ratings.

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Our Services

Triple-Pane Windows

Our exclusive triple-pane windows are bank-vault secure, titanium-tough, and ultra-efficient.

  • Triple-Pane Comfort: With more in-home environment control, triple-pane windows are known for their luxury looks and comfort. Find Out More
  • Bank-Vault Secure: Why do would-be intruders walk away, because with the powerful framing, thick triple-pane glass and 4-deadbolt locking system they’re nearly impenetrable. Your windows even come with a 50-Year Home-Security Guarantee! Find Out More
  • Titanium Tough: To ensure the windows last a lifetime, don’t warp, and stay strong, the skeletons are reinforced with titanium. This is why we’re so confident about their intruder-proofing. Find Out More
  • Whisper Quiet: After installation, one thing you’ll notice is just how quiet you can make it inside your home with 66% less noise penetrating from outside. Find Out More

Entry Doors

We install dazzling, elegant heavy-duty steel entry doors that meet your home’s specifications as well as your specific tastes. 

  • Steel doors are close to 10X more secure than wooden doors and their framing.
  • Want your steel door to mimic real wood? No problem. All the beauty, none of the maintenance.
  • Steel doors are also going to provide you and your home with roughly 5X more insulation.

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Patio Doors

The triple-pane glass patio doors we install are downright gorgeous, with unbeatable efficiency. 

  • Why are they so efficient? It really comes down to their specialized triple-pane glass technology.
  • Like their windows, your patio door will be Fort Knox-level strong and stout with incredible intruder-proofing systems. 
  • Your patio door won’t be cookie-cutter nonsense, but made custom onsite so it’s an exact match for your home.

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If you need to replace your windows, entry door, or patio doors in Westborough MA, contact us today for a free quote. We would be honored to hear from you.