Do New Windows Boost The Value Of My New England Home?

Do Window Replacements Increase Home Value? Or Will new windows increase the value of my house?

Hi there, are you a New England homeowner wondering how much window replacements will increase your home’s resale value?

It’s a common question just about every family deals with across America at one point or another. After all, when it comes to home improvement, there’s almost no end to what you can do. Most homeowners invest in an average of 9 projects, with new windows being among the most popular.

While there are plenty of DIY options, savvy New England homeowners understand that Return On Investment (ROI) matters. Especially when you’re talking about a major window replacement project.

Where does this ROI come from?

  • Improved Styling: Dramatically improved exterior and interior aesthetics. Drab and dreary windows are one of the most prominent visible features of a home.
  • Improved Design: Along with the ‘new window’ look, you can use new custom window shapes to add more architectural variety to the home – giving it a more distinct look.
  • Improved View: You can let in more natural light and open up a view! Imagine going from a couple of regular living room windows to a Sweeping Bay or Bow Window.
  • Less Maintenance: While there can be a premium on wood windows for certain buyers and in certain markets, almost all homeowners appreciate low maintenance.
  • Better Energy Efficiency: For the New England homeowners we serve, we install the best triple-pane models that improve efficiency and save money on monthly energy bills.
  • Improved Competitive Value: When you combine everything above, you give your home a far better chance to sell! Especially when you’re in a highly competitive market.

Modern replacement windows today have a ton of features that homeowners appreciate. Whether we’re talking Low-E glass or substantially stronger security measures, great ROI is one of the core reasons it’s among the most common home improvement project.

How much money will I save each month?

Once you begin learning about the benefits of replacement windows, this is the next most logical question. While it might be hard to quantify what buyers will pay for certain colors or styles of windows, what will the Energy Savings Numbers look like?

Note: It’s a well-known and widely-proven FACT that older, drafty, single, and double-pane windows are the #1 cause of wasted $$$ on energy bills. This is why nationally, the efforts to make residential homes more efficient have been so tremendous.

With new windows, you eliminate leaks. The home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while using LESS ENERGY — responsible for roughly 40% of your yearly energy budget.

And while we would love to give you the specific numbers for your home and lifestyle, it’s impossible.


  • We don’t know the current shape of your windows.
  • We don’t know what kind of windows they are.
  • We don’t know how many need to be replaced or updated.
  • We don’t know what quality of replacement windows you’ll choose.

The savings can get substantial…quickly. For example, what if you’ve got a drafty house with nothing but old single-pane windows. If you were to upgrade them all to triple-pane, the upfront cost would be sizeable but so would be your energy savings!

Thanks to our New England winters, triple-glazed are actually much more effective than in more temperate areas of the country. It’s like owning a crazy-fast sports car in an area where you can actually use it rather than always driving 25-50mph in the city.

Sure, the ROI in energy efficiency isn’t going to be drastic every month, but it’s better than throwing money away, isn’t it? Most New England homeowners would rather save X% of money every month rather than letting it just drift out their less efficient windows.

Wrapping Up: Yes, Window Replacements Increase Home Value

How much your home will increase is impossible to say here in this article. You’ve got to talk to local real estate professionals in your area to get a much better handle on that.

Here in New England, homeowners Contact Rescom Exteriors. We set up a free quote and inspection that gives you these specifics in the comfort of your own living room. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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