New England Home Security: Why Your Entry Door Matters

Here in New England, we typically see hundreds of residential break-ins every year.

And after nearly 30 years of being a door installer in this region, we can tell you most adamantly: when it comes to home security, your entry door matters! You likely knew that, but you’re here today because you want to dig a bit deeper. Perhaps you’re considering replacing your front and back entry doors, and you want to ensure you get the best security features possible.

Do you know less than 2 homes out of 10 have adequate security systems?

Probably not.

And neither do most criminals.

In fact, nearly 90% of residential break-ins aren’t committed by some seasoned cat burglar who’s been casing their victims over time and being careful. Instead, we’re talking about desperate people that strike randomly.

They need money, and they’re looking for easy-grab valuables.

This is primarily why they’re more dangerous than expert thieves.

Whatever the case, first, let’s go through some hard facts from U.S. crime statistics.

  • Every year there are over 2 million burglaries; this equates to thousands a day.
  • The reported losses in 2018 were over $3.4 billion; with an average of $2,799.
  • Roughly 30% of the time, someone in the family is inside the home!

So let’s talk about entry doors.

“Generally speaking, the more secure an entry door, the less artsy or overly aesthetic it’ll be.”

Right? Imagine a steel bank vault. How many glass inserts do you see? How about thin fancy sidelights and frail decorative glass? When you want home security AND a gorgeous, inviting entry door, it takes a specialist like Rescom Exteriors.

You’ll need help navigating all the specifics, or ‘Door Science’ to get the perfect-fit door for your home.

The 3 Most Common Kinds Of Entry Doors

Wood Entry Doors: A thick solid wood entry door (no fillers or veneers) with proper deadbolts and door jamb reinforcement can work well. They’ve been around for a very long time, but there are considerations: maintenance, less energy efficiency, warping over time, and they simply aren’t as strong or durable as fiberglass or steel alternatives.

Fiberglass Entry Doors: Modern fiberglass entry doors can also be an effective option when it comes to residential security, especially when reinforced. They are superior to wood in terms of strength because they aren’t susceptible to rot, rain, or rusting either. The only issue can be the upfront costs of new fiberglass door systems made to look exactly like wood.

Steel Entry Doors: For our New England customers, we specialize in high-security, high-performance Steel Entry Door Systems. Custom-crafted and as secure as you can get (even the frames are steel), these doors are nearly 10X more secure than wood and come with superior insulation. Burglars will take one look at the door, feel its strength, and likely move on.

Some of the other security features we install in our entry doors include:

  • Steel reinforcement plates and rust-free interlocking hinges.
  • Heavy-duty locks with full 1” bolt and hardened steel pin that resists being sawed through or jimmied.
  • Extra-wide angle security peep sight lens viewer.
  • Internal injection-molded composite lock.

Truth is, for home security steel entry doors take the cake. Even seasoned burglars will avoid them.

That image above is an installation we did. Looks pretty simple, right? It’s not. That’s actually a complex steel door system (even the frame is steel) with a nice quality heavy-duty deadbolt. Strong men could just kick away on that thing and it won’t budge. Police would need to get a mini battering ram to get through the framing elements.

Bottom Line: Consider Steel Entry Doors For Your New England Home

If you’re looking to get the most home security boost out of your entry door possible, we encourage you to consider steel. Simply pick up the phone and Contact Rescom Exteriors, let us know you’re interested, and we’ll walk you through our fourteen different product lines. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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