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We’ll Come To The Rescue During A Storm & Hurricane-Force Winds!

Time for an entryway refresh but unsure of how to pick your new front door color? This article from Rescom Exteriors pros will help you find the perfect hue.

At Rescom Exteriors, “peace of mind” isn’t just some typical cliche saying regarding our high-quality window and door installations.

We ENSURE it. We GUARANTEE it. We make CERTAIN of it.


First and foremost, through our 50-Year Perforance Guarantee.

No prorating. No fine print. No loopholes. Fully transferable in an industry where the law only requires a handful of years of protection.

We then go a step further and pile on our 50-Year Home-Security Guarantee, so if a burglar breaks in through your windows, we pay your insurance deductible up to $500 (we’ve NEVER needed to invoke it once since 1995).

What does this mean in a real-world sense?

Sure, we fix everything. You know, where we need to come out and replace some metal capping around the window that’s come loose, or maybe the silicone caulking has let go, so we’ll recaulk it.

But can we give you a real example of when we demonstrated this commitment above and beyond the normal call of duty?


Some years ago, we had a customer in Cape Cod, who lived within spitting distance of the ocean, give us a call because hurricane-level winds were bombarding their home during a ferocious thunderstorm.

Not knowing who else to call, they called us at 8 pm, frantic because the water was coming in through their front door, which we’d installed.

This was the only time we’ve had the wind & water become an issue of this magnitude.

This was an irregular request, and, technically, this wouldn’t typically fall under warranty because the weather was far surpassing what they were rated for (90mph winds vs. 45mph).

What did we do?

The right thing: one of our techs hopped in a company vehicle and drove two hours to get there and lend these people a hand! To say their home was gorgeous would be an understatement, and we couldn’t leave them hanging.

“So, in those 90mph winds, our tech hung a tarp, got it secured, and stopped the leaking. Then, he helped clean up the water for another couple hours.”

This is the level of commitment we show to our customers.

This is the true real-world value of the Rescom Exteriors quality warranty.

We install high-end windows and doors, and we come through with high-end service across the board.

Over 16,000 New England homeowners have experienced the unconditional peace of mind our products provide. We would be honored to provide the same for YOU.

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