An Average Day For A Rescom Exteriors Service Technician

Peek Into An Average Day For One Of Our Friendly, Skilled, And Responsive Exterior Remodeling Service Technicians

Time for an entryway refresh but unsure of how to pick your new front door color? This article from Rescom Exteriors pros will help you find the perfect hue.

Here at Rescom Exteriors, we’ve been serving New England homeowners for close to thirty years now — it’s been a genuine privilege!

We’ve successfully executed hundreds of replacement window and door installations across the area every year.

Like a well-oiled machine, it’s incredible how refined and polished our process has become over the decades.

And where the rubber meets the road over the long haul is our service techs. They’re the ones who maintain relationships with our many customers and ensure 100% satisfaction.

That being said, what does the average day in the life of one of our service techs look like?

  • New Project Measurements: On most days, a few of their stops will be at New England homes where new contracts have started. Our techs take impeccable triple-checked measurements and then write out specifications for our installers.
  • Chatting With Homeowners: The exterior remodeling process can be stressful for some folks. Whether they’re getting a couple of windows replaced or 30+ windows replaced and new doors, they’re inexperienced and want to know what’s going on! We’re happy to take the time to answer every question and address every concern.
  • Service Calls: Defects are simply a part of the process when you do as much fine work as we do. They happen. No matter how strict our quality controls are. And when they happen, our service techs quickly swap out the bad with long-lasting replacements and then check and recheck all installation work until it’s no longer necessary.

Maybe that door we installed for you over a decade ago needs some touch-up paint. No problem.

Maybe the screens for a couple of the new windows came in messed up. No problem.

Whatever the case is, we take care of our customers.

How long does it take us to arrive, considering we service three states — New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island?

At Rescom, we pride ourselves on being there QUICKLY. We understand our windows and doors are premium products, and we want your experience to be as smooth and convenient as possible.

This is why we spare no expense, so our service techs have FULLY stocked vehicles. They carry almost every component they could need for our windows and doors, except glass, simply because there are too many different sizes and styles.

It’s common for service calls to be rather close together, so our service calls can happen as soon as the same day or next. We’re a family-first, customer-first remodeler with an excellent reputation in New England, so we’ve probably already worked with homeowners in your neighborhood.

Or, if you’re here right now because your New England home needs new triple pane windows or premium entry doors, reach out and contact us for a Free Quote. See why we’re so confident about our workmanship and process that we offer almost unheard of 50-year Performance & Home Security coverage.

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