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When Wires Get Crossed And Misunderstandings Happen, We Turn Upset Homeowners Into Happy Customers: Here’s An Example

Time for an entryway refresh but unsure of how to pick your new front door color? This article from Rescom Exteriors pros will help you find the perfect hue.

When it comes to investing in replacement windows here in New England, a rewarding experience (vs. nightmarish) results from proper communication and managing expectations.

But no matter how crystal-clear everyone is or how many checks and balances you have in the process to ensure people feel respected, miscommunication happens.

We’re only humans, after all.

Let’s look at an easy example.

“Will my new sliding windows open all the way?” The nice lady asks our well-trained product consultant.

“Yes, of course, ma’am. All our sliding windows have complete functionality and open all the way.” He replies.

Here’s the issue in this case: the homeowner and our product consultant mean different things when they say ‘all the way.’

So, when the windows are installed, and she finds out that no, they don’t open to the specific amount she wants for whatever reason, a disaster strikes! No one…NO ONE…likes to expect one thing and get another (especially when they believe a professional misled them).

The Issue: Each of her new sliding windows has a 6-inch piece of high-quality vinyl in the track that prevents the windows from colliding.

It’s a basic feature. And yes, this really happened.

When she called us, upset, we immediately sent out a technician who looked over the issue, explained this miscommunication, and came up with an easy solution.

The Solution: He went in and cut out 3-inches of the vinyl on each side, providing another 6-inches of space. Thankfully, this fix turned out to be exactly what she wanted—with a smidgen of room to spare.

And the best part is, they won’t slam together either.

He then walked through the windows with her, made sure she had no other concerns, and checked their installations once again. She was delighted.

The Big Takeaway: When you work with Rescom Exteriors, whether it’s a manufacturer defect that pops up, there’s been some slight miscommunication, or if one of our installers makes an honest mistake and leaves a scratch in the paint on your new window, you can count on us to make everything perfect.

Don’t take our word on all of this.

Have a look at what our genuine New England homeowner testimonials are saying.

Like this one:

“Amazing! They came and replaced five windows and a sliding door. Not only was it extremely affordable, but the quality is outstanding! We feel extra secure and are amazed at the energy efficiency of these windows. We have even stopped supplemental heat. The salesman was extremely knowledgeable, and the crew that did the installation was amazingly professional.”

We’ve got 500+ 5-star reviews over on our GuildQuality profile as well if you’re interested. What you’ll find is that we take exceptional care of our customers every step of the way— from the initial meeting to installation and beyond. Thanks for your time today, and feel free to Contact Us anytime with questions or concerns.

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