What You Can Expect From Your Rescom Exteriors Project Manager During Your Upcoming Replacement Windows Project

When you invest in your home and update your windows here in New England, we believe you deserve a great experience.

You deserve to have every detail being looked after by a seasoned professional who takes their job SERIOUSLY.

You deserve to rest easy knowing that the quality, performance, energy efficiency, and security you paid for (the value) are going to hit the mark.

You deserve installers that are experienced and impeccable; trustworthy tradespeople, not unskilled labor.

You deserve solid project management, and that’s exactly what you get with Rescom Exteriors.

What do our project managers do every workday?

  • Flawlessly measure for new window and door installations for our customers. Then they write out detailed specs for our installers.
  • They spend a good percentage of their time double-checking job sites throughout our New England service areas.
  • They also spend a sizeable amount of time every day speaking with homeowners: properly managing expectations and ensuring that they know EXACTLY what they’re investing in.
  • They perform led tests on every job.
  • They make sure all needed permits are pulled.
  • They see to it all components of the project are appropriately scheduled.
  • They take care of ordering special materials.
  • They directly contact the factory and manufacturers to quickly handle defects and keep quality control at our strict standards across the board.

When everything goes off without any hitches, the beauty of it is that you barely know any actual project management is happening! After the initial preinstall phase, you won’t see your Project Manager if there’s no problem.

The Good News: Well over 90% of our projects every month have absolutely no issues. After nearly three decades specializing in replacement windows and doors, our process is squeaky clean and polished.

But, what is this really all about? How can we sort of summarize this into one easy slogan?

When you choose Rescom, you’re choosing the route with almost ZERO risks.

We’re not the ‘Chuck & His Truck’ option.

We’re not the cheap, low-value Big Box home improvement store option.

We’re not the “Let’s just buy something online…” option.

We’re not a new game in town either.

And we’ve got hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews from real New England homeowners to back our process. From the first time you give us a call, to your free initial consultation, through to installation and beyond, we’re here for the communities we serve.

If you’re considering new windows and doors for your home, reach out and Contact Us. We’re happy to answer any preliminary questions you might have and address concerns. Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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