The Best Window & Door Brand In New England. Hands. Down.

Why We’re Ferociously Loyal To One Window
& Door Brand… & Why You Should Care

We Will NOT Install Anything Other Than Perfection
On Your Home.

When it comes to which windows and doors we sell, we’re picky. And by “picky,” we mean “unconditionally, categorically, hair-splittingly fastidious about quality.”

As an independent company, we have the option to install any brand of windows and doors we want. But the only brand we’ve EVER worked with is Bristol.

Bristol is a high-end luxury window and door manufacturer. We partnered with them all the way back in 1995 to create our exclusive lines of ultra-efficient, hyper-secure, mega-durable Rescom windows and doors products.

What have the results been? A few of our 16,000+ ecstatic customers would be happy to fill you in.

How Our Brand Loyalty Affects Your Warranty

Most window and door companies switch brands at some point or another. Sometimes because they’ve found a better product. Other times because they actually switch to a CHEAPER product.

Either way, guess what happens to YOUR warranty when this happens?


It’s gone. Obsolete. Defunct. Null and void.

Our loyalty to the Bristol brand ensures your top-notch 50-Year Guarantees actually last you… you know, FIFTY YEARS. And our close business relationship with the company means warranties issues (which are extremely rare) are serviced quickly, efficiently, and without hassle.

We’re 1 Of Only 28 Bristol Partners In The World

Bristol is as picky about who installs their products as we are about what products we install.

Bristol is a “boutique” manufacturer. They know they make the best windows and doors on the planet. And they trust literally only 28 companies in the world enough to partner with.

We are one of those companies.

We’ve been a Bristol-exclusive company since 1995. Becoming one of Bristol’s “Chosen Few” wasn’t easy. They put any company they’re considering under the microscope, rigorously investigating the company inside and out. And they turn down three times as many companies as they accept.

We’re happy to report that we passed Bristol’s exhaustive investigation with flying colors. Not just because the world’s most selective window manufacturer deemed us worthy. But because it means we can provide YOU with the best windows and doors New England—and the country—has to offer.

Here are a few areas of our company that Bristol inspected:

  • Financial Stability: We have strong financials and an immaculate credit record. This shows we’ll always be there when our customers need us.
  • Experience Of The Owner: Owner Scott Merrell has 36 years of experience, demonstrating that our company is run by a smart, skilled industry veteran.
  • Quality Of Personnel: Bristol researched and vetted our installers to determine if we’re able to deliver the top-notch workmanship Bristol products deserve.
  • Training Programs: We train our representatives to educate homeowners to help them make the right decisions for their needs.

Bottom line: Bristol is ultra-picky about who installs their windows. We’re ultra-picky about whose windows we install. It’s the perfect match. And it translates into premium-caliber results for YOU.

Bottom Line: You Get PREMIUM Windows & Doors—Period

Could we sell lesser-quality windows and doors at lesser prices? Sure. But we refuse to. As a quality-without-compromise kind of company, we simply will NOT put anything less than the best on your home.

It’s why we’ve been a one-brand window and door company for over a quarter-century. And it’s why we guarantee you top-notch value for your money.

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