Why You Want Your Windows Installed By Pros In New England

Welcome, are you a New England homeowner facing the age-old question,

“Should I just install new windows myself or hire a professional?”

We completely understand.

After nearly 30 years as a premium New England window & door installer, we’ve seen it all. And by that, we mean every possible DIY mistake in the book (and then some that no one knew could even be done).

Bottom Line: If all you’re looking to install are some cheap, simple, single or double-pane windows from a big box home improvement company, that’s one thing. But as you increase quality and reach full-frame installations of superior high-end windows…DIY definitely ISN’T something inexperienced homeowners should attempt.

Be reasonable. How many windows have you installed?

Our experts have installed 133,000+ windows and doors all across New England.

Meanwhile, most homeowners in this area only invest in overhauling their home’s windows…once. Typically just a single time, so there’s really no comparison.

We’re also on the other side of the quality spectrum — meaning, the Triple-Pane Windows we install are NOT DIY-friendly.

That said, let’s assume you’re open to investing in quality windows for improved performance, styling, features, and energy efficiency. Here’s a quick breakdown of why you should consider working with experts like Rescom Exteriors — New England’s longest-running, locally-owned window & door company.

You End Up Saving Yourself Time, Hassle, & Money

Amateur mistakes cost plenty of all three. Again, it’s a matter of experience and complexity. Are you just replacing a simple window, or trying to install a brand new signature (or custom) full-frame system?

Imagine we were talking about carpentry. You might be able to quickly run around the internet and find a How-To video to make a simple table out of scrap wood. But could you create and perfectly install new kitchen cabinetry up to professional quality standards?

  • Amateur mistakes crush your Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Amateur mistakes crush your Energy Efficiency.
  • Amateur mistakes crush your New Aesthetic.
  • Amateur mistakes crush your Warranty Coverage.

Did you know most major window manufacturers REQUIRE their windows be installed by professionals? On top of that, working with reputable New England window & door companies like Rescom Exteriors means added Workmanship Warranties as well (we offer a 50-Year Performance Guarantee).

So, for example, here’s what would be covered after we’re done with installation vs. NOTHING when you do attempt to do it yourself.

  • Frame
  • Glass
  • Hardware
  • Sealing
  • Plus a 3-year “oops-proof” warranty on accidental glass breakage.

You Naturally Get Much Higher-Quality Windows

Unless you have money to burn, you’re likely going to try and get the ‘Best Windows For The Least Amount” when you go the DIY route. This leads people to large online eCommerce sites, or again, the big box home improvement stores that sell lower-end cookie-cutter models.

On the other side of the coin, working with true product specialists and installers makes it possible to get the absolute most value for every remodeling dollar: much higher ROI, efficiency, and perfect styling to match your home.

Wrapping Up: The Pros Remove All The Risk

When you hire professionals to help you choose the best windows for your particular situation and install them for you… you remove all the risks from the equation. Well, assuming you choose a quality window & door company.

  • You get expert help with measurements and styling choices.
  • You get impeccable ‘down to the finest detail’ installations.
  • You get seasoned, professional service every step of the way.
  • You get a set of companies (manufacturer & installer) to depend on.
  • You can rest easier at night knowing your windows are more secure.

The major benefits are peace of mind, a secure home improvement investment, and coverage afterward that you can count on. No being left high & dry. No getting stuck with amateur mistakes. We hope this helps you avoid any headaches and wasted efforts. Thanks for your time today and feel free to Contact Rescom Exteriors with any follow-up questions.

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