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Premium Entry & Patio Doors For New England

Our Exclusive Doors Are The Height Of Efficiency, Security & Curb Appeal.

Need a new entry or patio door in New England? You’ve come to the right place. 

Our doors are built New England-tough. With cutting-edge security features, industry-leading efficiency, and custom-catered curb appeal, our exterior doors will tick every box on your wishlist. 

Find out more about our entry and patio doors below.

Rescom Exteriors Entry Doors

Steel Strength. Sterling Beauty. Ultra-Secure. Custom-Crafted For YOUR New England Home.

Your front door is one of THE most important aspects of your home. It’s the first thing people notice when they pull in your driveway. It’s a critical barrier between you and the cold New England weather. And it’s the first line of defense against intruders. Our entry doors are built for maximum security, efficiency, and durability… and backed by a TRUE 50-Year Guarantee.
Rescom Exteriors Entry Doors

9x More Secure Than Wood Entry Doors

To prove it, we put our door to the test. We had a 6-foot, 200-pound guy try to break down our door and two other doors—one a wood-edge door with a wood frame and the other a steel-edge door with a wood frame.  

The result?

It took a measly single strike to bust through the all-wood door… six strikes to bust the steel-edge door with the wood frame… and NINE heavy-duty strikes to kick in our door.

Think about that! Do you think a burglar would take the time (and risk the noise) to slam full-force into your front door nine times?

No. Way.

Other security features for your peace of mind include…

  • Steel reinforcement plates and rust-free interlocking hinges 
  • Heavy-duty locks with full 1” bolt and hardened steel pin that resists being sawed through or jimmied 
  • Extra-wide angle security peep sight lens viewer
  • Internal injection-molded composite lock
Secure Entry Doors

Looks can be deceiving… in a good way.

Beautiful Wood Looks. No Wood Maintenance.

Choose from 14 distinct entry door lines, all of which can be custom-crafted to your home and tastes. High-definition panel profiles reproduce the look of wood with mirror-image authenticity. And a wide selection of glass and color options add that perfect final touch.

Rescom entry doors can be painted and or stained to coordinate with any home decor and color scheme. Specially formulated paints and stains start with a baked-on primer that creates the ultimate base for a unique finishing process. Expert factory finishes include electrostatic bonding of the steel, inside and out. 

This creates an absolutely gorgeous front door that requires NONE of the upkeep of wood entry doors.

And your Bristol entry door is built to last. You’re protected with a 50-year transferable warranty that even includes three-year, “no questions asked” broken-glass coverage.

Insulates 5 Times Better Than Solid Wood Entry Doors

Bristol doors are loaded with special energy technology to increase your home’s efficiency. 

  • The polyurethane core is chemically bonded to the steel to create the highest resistance to cold conduction of any entry door. The result is insulation that’s five times better than solid wood entry doors.
  • Magnetic weatherstripping seals the door shut like a refrigerator. This eliminates drafts on the top and sides. 
  • A fully adjustable composite threshold ensures a tight fit to resist air and water infiltration.
  • A bulb and fin replaceable vinyl sweep create an extreme weather barrier to keep your home comfortable.

Optional decorative glass is triple-glazed, insulated, and contains an airtight efficiency seal.

Beautiful Triple-Pane Patio Doors For New England

Our Sliding Patio Doors Provide Peak Efficiency, Looks & Performance.

Looking for gorgeous, energy-efficient, high-performance patio doors in New England? Our special sliding patio doors are triple-pane for maximum energy savings, security, and durability. 

You won’t find a patio door that offers so much value for your money. We guarantee it.

New England’s Most Secure Patio Door… Period

Patio doors are the easiest part of your home for burglars to break into. If the burglar can’t pick the feeble lock, he can easily smash through the thin layer of glass. And no… a broomstick or wood board in the track won’t keep you any safer!

Our patio doors are different. WAY different. Instead of being the Achilles Heel of your home’s security, Rescom patio doors pack incredible intruder-proof power.

  • One-inch tempered triple-pane glass create three rows of shark’s teeth even the burliest intruders have a hard time penetrating 
  • Heavy-duty fusion-welded vinyl frame with steel substructure prevents burglars from stripping the frame and accessing the locks
  • A bank vault-secure 4-point locking system that includes…
    • A specially designed 5/8” interlock section joins both panels together with a full-length metal bar that makes prying open virtually impossible
    • Two steel locking bars that bolt into steel receivers in the head and sill with one easy motion
    • Additional security/ventilation lock with key 
    • Optional 5-pin cylinder key lock 

Ditch the broomstick. Our patio doors protect your home like no other.

Cutting-Edge Triple-Pane Efficiency

What’s the big deal about a triple-pane patio door? Consider just how much glass is in a patio door. Without quality glass, your patio doors will be one of the main areas of your home where energy escapes.

That’s why our patio doors contain the most energy-efficient glass package in New England. While average patio doors are double pane, ours contain three panes of premium-quality glass.

  • Between each pane is a proprietary insulating gas fill. 
  • From exterior to interior, the glass pack measures a full one-inch thick
  • Special glass coating blocks harmful UV rays while allowing in refreshing natural light.
  • Non-conductive sealant spacer system resists condensation and eliminates leakage at the corners.
  • Included in our 50-Year Guarantee is a 3-Year “No Questions Asked” Glass-Breakage Warranty. If your glass gets broken in those three years, we fix it for FREE.

Because of these features, our patio doors exceed ENERGY STAR standards for New England. Get ready for a comfortable home and lower energy bills.


Looks That LAST

We specialize in fully custom patio doors that match YOUR style and home. Instead of trying to stick a preconstructed door in the cavity, we build our patio doors onsite piece by piece. We make the door fit your house… NOT your house fit the door.

How we can provide the perfect patio door for your tastes:

  • We make 6’, 8’, 9’, and 12’ patio doors. We can even create special designs such as two 12’ doors side by side. Whatever you envision, we can make it happen! 
  • Choose from beautifully rich interior and exterior colors. Interior options also include stunning wood grain possibilities.
  • Elegant grid and beveled glass options give added character and appeal.
  • High-quality brass and nickel hardware deliver the perfect final touch.

Plus, our patio doors’ rigid PVC extruded vinyl will not warp, crack, rot, or ever need painting. Put an end to constant maintenance and say hello to beauty that endures.

Rescom Exteriors Entry Doors