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Licenses Insurance

We Carry ALL Required Licenses & Insurance

We’re Properly Certified For Every State In New England. (Rare!)

When you’re choosing a company for window or door replacement in New England, first make sure that they are fully licensed and insured. If they’re not, you run the risk of poor quality… and legal liability if a worker is injured on your property.

A legitimate contractor will have a current, up-to-date Home Improvement Contractor license that applies to the state in which you live. At Rescom Exteriors, we carry ALL proper licensing and insurance for ALL New England states. 

This is rare for a New England contractor. Different states can have different licensing requirements. It takes time, money, and proficiency to acquire each one. We’ve obtained all necessary licensing so YOU have peace of mind that we’re completely qualified for your project.

Our Contractor Licenses For New England

All we do is windows and doors—period. This laser-beam focus guarantees you master-craftsman quality. PERIOD.

We’re Insured For YOUR Financial Protection

Just as important as a contractor license is adequate insurance coverage. If an accident occurs on your property during the window replacement process, and the company you hired does not have insurance coverage, YOU can be held financially responsible. That is why it is crucial that you make sure any window replacement company you talk to has both liability coverage and a workers’ compensation policy in place. Before you even consider working with a window replacement company, ask to see a Certificate of Insurance for both policies. At Rescom, we understand the importance of being both fully licensed and insured. We carry an up-to-date $2 million liability policy and full workers’ compensation coverage.