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Bank Vault Secure

Burglars HATE Our Windows

Bank-Vault Security Features Stop Bad Guys And Keep Your Home SAFE.

Bank Vault Secure Windows

Home-security studies show that, after your front door, your windows are the most common entry point for break-ins.

It makes sense. Breaking into the average window is a CAKEWALK for even half-brained burglars. Here’s what one 20-year thief said about why windows are such an easy target for intruders:

“An unlocked door or window has always been the easiest way [to break into a home]. On newer houses, people have weatherized plastic framed windows. It’s very easy to strip off their plastic with a simple pocketknife and access the lock on the window to unlock it.”1


Seriously… if you have typical vinyl windows on your home right now, all it takes is a cheap pocketknife and a little elbow grease for a bad guy to break in. WITHIN SECONDS.

Sleep Easy With Rescom Windows

Steel-shutter tough, ultra-thick, and bank-vault secure, our windows provide TRUE protection for your New England Home.
Here’s how…

4-Way Interior Locking System

With the average window, all that stands in the bad guy’s way is one flimsy little lock or latch. 

With Rescom triple-pane windows, what stands in the bad guy’s way are not one… not two… not three… but FOUR separate heavy-duty steel deadbolts.

When constructing the lock system, we’ll threw out the traditional “latch-lock” setup. In its place, the company drew inspiration from actual bank-vault lock schematics. Each deadbolt is strategically placed for maximum security and can be accessed ONLY from the interior.

Our windows are ENERGY STAR-rated in all states.

Quad Lock Bristol Windows

Titanium-Strength Skeleton

Typical vinyl windows have hollow frames, which is why it’s so easy for burglars to strip the vinyl and access the lock.

Our window’s frame contains SOLID substructure reinforcement. The locks are encased in this ultra-thick titanium-composite skeleton, rendering them inaccessible from the outside.

Check out more benefits of our solid windows on our Titanium Tough page.

Three Layers Of Shark’s Teeth

The average double-pane window glass package is 3/8ths of an inch thick from interior to exterior. Our triple-pane glass package measures ONE FULL INCH from the inner edge of the interior to the outer edge of the exterior, making it 166% thicker

Bottom line: If a bad guy wants to break into your home, he’s got to go through three layers of shark’s teeth. (Not going to happen.)

The Time A Burglar Tried To Bust Into Our Windows

Not so long ago, a would-be burglar tried to break into a Rescom customer’s home through the windows.

If he’d known he was messing with Rescom windows, he could have saved himself the hassle.

The burglar tried to break in through the first window…


Then he tried another window…


Then another window…


Then yet another window…


After failing epically on TEN of our windows, the thief turned tail. 

He couldn’t strip the frame. He couldn’t access the locks. He couldn’t break the glass.

Rescom windows: 1

Burglar: 0.

50-Year Home-Security Guarantee

Think of our windows as a Silent Security System for your home. While home-monitoring alarm systems alert you AFTER the bad guy has broken in, our windows prevent the break-in from even happening.
We’re so confident that our windows will boost your home’s protection that we provide a 50-Year Home Security Guarantee. If an intruder breaks into your home through your windows, we’ll pay your insurance deductible up to $500.
We’ve had this guarantee since we opened in 1995… and we’ve had to use it exactly ZERO times. Our windows are just that secure.

Home Windows Security House

More Reasons To Choose Our Triple-Pane Windows

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