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Titanium Tough

The Only Window With Titanium Reinforcement

A Metal-Strength “Skeleton” Eliminates Bowing, Warping & Sagging… FOR GOOD.

Did you know 30% of the windows we replace in New England are warped vinyl windows that someone else installed in the last few years? 

It’s true! Out of every 100 windows we replace, 30 couldn’t even make it past the five-year mark before breaking down. 

That’s just plain criminal. But it’s what happens when you subject “boneless” window frames to a brutal climate.

We’ll explain…

The Average Vinyl Window Is Hollow

New England has 0° days and 100° days. These temperature extremes wreak absolute havoc on the typical vinyl windows you see advertised everywhere. 


Because typical vinyl windows are HOLLOW.

As temperatures fluctuate, vinyl windows expand and contract. Since there is no substructure, the frame bends, bows, and warps.

We prove it in our in-home sales demonstrations. We put a foot-long strip of vinyl in a plexiglass box and heat it up with a regular hairdryer. 

In less than a minute, it flops over like a limp noodle. Seriously, it’s standing up straight and rigid, then a few seconds later… fwooop… it just loses its will to live. 

Hollow frame = puny performance.

More Reasons To Choose Our Triple-Pane Windows

As well as ultra-tough performance, our windows provide many more benefits. Explore these links on our main Windows page for all the details:

Beauty, brawn, brains… Rescom windows have it all. And then some. 

Reach out today if that sounds like the kind of replacement window you want on YOUR home.