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Window Installation

Meticulous, No-Stone-Unturned Window Installation

Our Obsession With Detail Ensures You A Job Done Once, Done Right… And Done For GOOD.

We Handle The Hard Stuff

We tackle the challenging structural projects other window companies don’t, won’t, or can’t. 

Want to open up a wall and turn it into a beautiful bay window? 

We can do it.

Change side-by-side double hung windows into a gorgeous two-lite sliding window? 

We can do it.

Transform your old kitchen windows into stunning patio doors? 

We can do it.

Renovate your 3-Seasons Room to enhance appearance, function, and natural light?

We can do it.

New beautiful windows on a 3-Seasons Room. (Click to enlarge.)

Come to us with ANY idea for your window or doors. We have the products and structural-engineering expertise to deliver on your dream.

Not Just Beautiful… FUNCTIONAL

How our windows meet your needs is just as important as how they look on your home. That’s why the quality of our installation is more than “skin deep.”
Increasing your home’s airflow. Designing fire escapes. Reducing pollen infiltration to ease your allergies. These are the kinds of custom, functionality-driven window renovations we’re famous for.
At Rescom Exteriors, we specialize in window projects with PURPOSE.

Custom-Form Window Capping

Capping windows is a lost art in this industry. 

Many window contractors don’t do it. And those that do often use cheap capping materials and techniques that leave your windows vulnerable to air and moisture penetration.

We’re one of the few New England companies that specialize in custom-form capping. 

We install premium-grade PVC-coated metal capping on all of your windows. We form each capping specifically to your window specifications to guarantee natural looks and ZERO water or air infiltration.

Corner-Cutting Is A Cardinal Sin

We could go on about our attention to detail, but here’s the bottom line…
At Rescom Exteriors, corner-cutting is a Cardinal Sin. Period.
To guarantee your total satisfaction, we have you sign a Certificate Of Completion after the job. This states you are 100% happy with our workmanship. The installation isn’t officially done until YOU say it’s done.
We’ve installed over 130,000 windows and doors for over 16,000 homeowners since 1995. don’t get to those kinds of numbers by cutting corners!
Contact us today for Done Once, Done Right, Done For Good window installation in New England.