3 Reasons To Choose A Window Company Local To New England

Beats A National Chain In Service, Quality & Price.

If you need new windows or doors in New England, you’ve probably looked into at least one nationwide company.

It makes sense. These window and door corporations have giant marketing budgets that make them virtually impossible to ignore. And their slick advertising and “incredible sales” make for an offer that can be hard to refuse.

But here’s the truth: If you want the best price, experience, and results, choosing an established local company will almost always be your best bet.

Here are three reasons why…

#1: Better Communication

A properly run local company will communicate clearly throughout your project. You’ll never feel in the dark or out of the loop. You’re involved every step of the way.

Contrast this with the (lack of) communication of national window companies. A quick internet search will pull up dozens and dozens of reviews from homeowners frustrated by a company’s failure to communicate clearly, promptly, and sufficiently.

And have you ever tried to speak to someone in charge at a corporate company? If so, you know how tough it is to talk to the person you need to… or talk to a living, breathing human at all. Voicemail recordings, automated menus, and layers of gatekeepers make it next to impossible to connect with the person who can answer your questions.

A great local window and door company cuts out the communication obstacle course. You call the office, and you get connected to the person you need to talk to—it’s that simple. And if that person is unavailable, they call back IMMEDIATELY. Especially proactive companies will even give you the cellphone numbers of key members involved in your project.

How do we know? Because we ARE this kind of communicative local company! We keep you in the loop from start to finish—the way it should be.

#2: Superior Window & Door Installation

Many national window and door companies outsource installation to untrained subcontractors. The subs get paid a low wage per window installed, so they have to rush through the job to put food on the table.

Where do the company dollars go? Into the expensive ad campaigns you see on TV and hear on the radio. It’s the textbook definition of “style over substance.”

A quality local company is focused on one thing: Ensuring top-notch results for customers. For example, we allocate a substantial portion of our budget to hiring and training the best window and door installers in New England. We pay them well because we value the work they perform and how their craftsmanship makes our customers happy.

The result: Homeowners who are over the moon about the quality of their projects.

#3: Greater Value For Your Money

We’ve touched on this already: When you buy from a national window company, most of your dollars are going toward the company’s overhead. National companies have thousands of employees, eight-figure ad budgets, and many more expenses. Little is left over for, you know… the actual quality of the windows and doors.

By contrast, we invest every possible penny into the quality of our products and installation. It’s why we offer premium-caliber triple-pane windows customized for New England. It’s why we install the best [entry doors] you’ll find. And it’s why we sell the most efficient [patio doors] in the country.

Are we the cheapest? No. Do we provide you with the greatest value? Absolutely, unequivocally YES.

For The Best Service, Value & Quality, “Go Local”

Choosing a local company is the most surefire way to secure the best results and experience for your money.

Are all locally owned companies high quality? No. That’s why it’s important to research the reputation of any company you’re considering.

If a local contractor checks out in the court of public opinion, it’s an excellent indicator of the premium quality, service, and value that awaits you.

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