Our Triple Pane Windows Bring The Comfort To New England

Triple Pane Comfort

Warm Winters. Cool Summers. Pure Comfort 24/7/365.

Cut Energy Costs & Enhance The Quality Of Your Home Life.

Want new windows in New England that create luxury comfort in your home and MAXIMIZE your energy savings?

You’ve come to the right place.

Our triple-pane windows provide unrivaled insulation and efficiency. In fact, they’re one of the only windows ENERGY-STAR-certified for the New England climate.

Being one of the few companies that carry triple-pane windows, we regularly get asked if triple pane is really more efficient than double pane.

Answer: Y.E.S.

About 80% of a window is glass. That third pane of glass absolutely matters!

For proof, take a look at the following energy efficiency chart, which compares U-Factor:

Triple Pane Vs. Double Pane: No Contest

U-Factor measures how well a window insulates on a scale of 0 to 1. The lower the number, the better the window insulates.

According to the chart above, here’s how our triple-pane windows with a 0.21 U-Factor compare to others:

  • Single-Pane Windows: The average single-pane window has a 0.91 U-Factor. This is as inefficient as it gets!Rescom windows are 433% more efficient.
  • Clear Double-Pane Windows: These have a 0.62 U-Factor on average, which is still very poor for the New England climate.Rescom windows are 295% more efficient.
  • ENERGY STAR Windows: For New England, windows need a U-Factor of 0.32 or lower to be ENERGY STAR-certified. This is the bare-minimum standard you should accept from your new windows.Rescom windows are 152% more efficient.
  • ARRA Requirement: ARRA stands for American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. Windows that meet the Act’s 0.30 U-Factor may qualify you for a tax credit.Rescom windows are 143% more efficient.
  • Renewal By Andersen: A well-known brand in New England, Renewal By Andersen windows have a U-Factor of 0.29.Rescom windows are 138% more efficient.
  • R-5 Windows: R-5 windows are known for their highly insulative properties. They have an exceptional 0.22 U-Factor.Rescom windows are 104% more efficient.
  • Rescom Windows: Our windows (labeled “Super T-E, Alpha-10” on the chart) have an unrivaled U-Factor of 0.21. That’s one of the best in the biz!

Bottom line: Custom-engineered for the New England climate, Rescom Windows maximize your energy savings and keep you comfortable year-round.

Our windows are ENERGY STAR-rated in all states.

Rescom Triple-Pane Windows: Engineered For Comfort

Our triple-pane windows are designed to provide PEAK in-home comfort—winter, fall, spring, and summer. They even beat out other triple-pane windows in terms of energy efficiency.

Here’s how our windows are equipped to handle the brutal New England climate…

  • Thicker Glass Area: Rescom windows boast the thickest glass pack on the market… a FULL one-inch from interior to exterior.
  • Exclusive Gas Fill: Our proprietary Alpha-10 gas fill insulates better than traditional argon and krypton gases.
  • Special Low-E Coating: The innovative clear coating on the glass keeps energy where you want it.
  • Non-Metallic Spacer: “Warm Edge” technology eliminates the high heat transfer of traditional metallic spacers.
  • Robust Frame: Rescom frames are extra stout for enhanced insulation and the ability to carry three glass panes (Read more about the frame on our Titanium Tough page.)

Bottom line: Rescom Triple-Pane Windows provide you with in-home comfort and energy savings YEAR-ROUND.

Triple Pane: Q&A

This is a hard question to answer. It really depends on who you ask, and what your conditions are. Here at Rescom Exteriors, for our New England customers, we install nothing but Bristol triple-pane windows. Ultra-Efficient. Hyper-Secure. Titanium-Tough. And The Last Window You’ll Ever Need. Learn more about Triple-Pane Windows.

Like so many other great questions, the answer to this one is ‘it depends.’ The degree to which triple-pane windows are a worthwhile investment depends on a) the number of windows you’re installing, and b) the kinds of windows you’re upgrading from. It also depends on the quality of the triple-pane windows themselves, where you are, and the kind of annual weather your home deals with. Here in New England, homeowners can save a good amount of money each month thanks to their superior efficiency.
This is a common question because, for the most part, triple-pane windows are perceived as luxury products. You won’t usually see them standard in new home construction (yet). The extra specialized pane of glass, and the system put together for it, can provide more energy efficiency, reduced condensation, more in-home comfort, security, and exterior noise reduction.

It’s going to depend on the double-pane and triple-pane models you’re comparing. The triple-pane windows we install are steel-shutter tough, ultra-thick, and bank-vault secure, for TRUE home protection in New England. They also have a 4-way locking system with heavy-duty steel deadbolts and a titanium-strength skeleton. The vast majority of double-pane options simply can’t compete. Learn more about Triple-Pane Security.

The windows we install reduce outdoor noise by up to 66%. Noise reduction isn’t always the biggest concern, but definitely a benefit, especially when you happen to live in a noisier area — like by a major roadway. At this point we’ve actually had customers tell us our windows make their home…a little too quiet sometimes. Learn more about Triple-Pane Noise Reduction.