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50 Year Guarantees

Our Guarantees Are Etched In Stone

50-Year Performance & Home-Security Guarantees Provide Total Peace Of Mind.

At Rescom Exteriors, we’re all about peace of mind. Our mission is to provide New England homeowners with the last windows and doors they’ll EVER need. That’s why we provide not one but TWO 50-Year Guarantees: one for product performance and one for home security. Here’s what you need to know…

50-Year Performance Guarantee

Let’s face it: Most window and door warranties aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Even the ones advertised as “lifetime” are filled with exclusions, fine print, and prorating. Not to mention the irony that most lifetime-warrantied windows and doors last only 15-20 years, tops.

We don’t play those games. We provide a 50-Year Performance Guarantee because our windows and doors actually last 50 years. No prorating. No fine print. No loopholes. And fully transferable.

Here is what’s covered:

A 3-year “oops-proof” warranty on accidental glass breakage
Bottom line: We install the last window and doors you’ll ever need.

50-Year Home-Security Guarantee

Because our windows are Bank-Vault Secure, we’re the only contractor that provides a 50-Year Home Security Guarantee.

How it works is simple: If a burglar breaks in through your windows, we pay your insurance deductible up to $500. That’s how confident we are that our windows will protect your home.

To get a sense of how secure our windows make your home, consider this: We’ve had our 50-Year Home-Security Guarantee in place since 1995—and we’ve NEVER used it.

After all, it’s virtually impossible for bad guys to get through four heavy-duty deadbolts, a titanium exoskeleton, and three rows of shark’s teeth. Just ask the would-be intruder who tried to break into TEN of one of our customer’s windows… and failed all ten times. 

Peace Of Mind Is What We Do

If you want your next window or door project to be your LAST window or door project, get in touch today.

Over 16,000 New England homeowners have experienced the unconditional peace of mind our products provide. We would be honored to provide the same for YOU.

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