One Of New England's Only Energy Star-Certified Windows

Energy Star Windows

One Of New England’s Only ENERGY STAR® Windows

Few ENERGY STAR Windows Are Certified For NE’s Climate. Ours Are One Of Them.

Energy Star Windows Map

ENERGY STAR® is a program headed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department Of Energy. One of its goals is to provide consumers with info about energy efficient products. This info is especially important if you’re looking for replacement windows in Auburn MA or New England.

ENERGY STAR tests several aspects of a window to determine efficiency. If a window passes the standards ENERGY STAR sets for a specific region of the country, that window gets official ENERGY STAR certification:

All ENERGY STAR Windows Are NOT Created Equal

But just because a window carries ENERGY STAR certification does not mean it’s energy-certified for New England.

Take a look at the image above again. Notice that the label says “Certified In Highlighted Regions.” It means a window ENERGY STAR-certified in Texas might not be ENERGY STAR-certified in New England. And vice-versa.

A lot of the windows you see advertised as ENERGY STAR-rated do meet ENERGY STAR requirements… just not for New England!

Rescom Windows Are The Real Deal

Our triple-pane windows are one of the few that actually meet ENERGY STAR standards for New England. In fact, they smash energy standards in every region of the country!

Compare our window’s NFRC label to the Climate Zone chart in the graphic below.

Our windows are ENERGY STAR-rated in all states.

What, exactly, makes Rescom windows so energy efficient?

  • Extra-thick triple-pane glass
  • Proprietary Alpha-10 gas fill between the panes
  • Non-conductive, warm-edge Envirosealed Spacer System
  •  Exclusive HDR Thermal Reinforcer in the frame
  • Multiple heat-reflective Low-E coatings

If you want replacement windows officially certified as THE most efficient in New England, get in touch today. We would be honored to discuss your project with you and provide a free Needs Analysis and quote.

Our windows maximize your energy savings. Period.