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We Do Windows. We Do Doors. PERIOD.

No Roofing. No Siding. No “Extra Stuff.” We’re The Rare, Verifiable Window & Door Specialist.

If you were having heart trouble, who would you rather diagnose you?

  1. Your family doctor, who deals with 3,382 different ailments, viruses, and diseases day in and day out?
  2. A veteran cardiologist who’s dedicated decades of his professional life solely to heart health?

Sure, your family doctor might do a decent diagnosis… but this is your heart we’re talking about! “Might” won’t cut it. For the best possible diagnosis and treatment, a genuine heart specialist is the ONLY way to go.

Take this same approach when choosing a New England company to replace your windows or doors.

Window “Generalists” Vs. Window “Specialists”

Most companies that install windows and doors offer other services. Siding. Roofing. Bathrooms. Gutters. And so on.

These contractors are generalists. They have a working knowledge of window and door installation. But having a “finger in every pie” usually means they spread themselves too thin to MASTER any particular service.

In other words, they might do a decent job… or not. It’s a crapshoot.

When we opened over a quarter century ago, we took the polar-opposite approach.

Instead of going the “jack of all trades, master of none” route, we committed to windows and doors exclusively. We figured we’d better serve New England homeowners like you if we PERFECTED two types of installation instead of being “pretty good” at six or seven of them.

Bottom line…

At Rescom Exteriors, it’s been windows. It’s been doors. Day in. Day out. Since 1995.

Why Choose A Window & Door Specialist

When it comes to window installation and door installation, “pretty good” won’t cut it. There are just too many issues that can occur if even one small detail gets missed.

Poor installation can cause leaks, drafts, gaps, condensation, and performance problems. In fact, home-improvement research shows that sloppy installation is the #1 reason windows and doors fail.

That’s why it’s critical to put your installation in the hands of a specialist. A company that has a “veteran cardiologist” hyper-concentrated focus on windows and doors. A company that’s done ONLY window and door installation for decades.

A company like Rescom Exteriors.

Don’t leave your window and door project to chance. Call today for a free quote from New England’s leading window and door authority.

Why Choose A Window & Door Specialist

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