Core Differences Between Single And Double Hung Windows

Do Triple Pane Windows Eliminate Noise?

Congratulations, you must be investigating replacement windows for your New England home. Truth be told, most folks only invest in completely new windows…ONCE in life…so brushing up on the basics is definitely a good idea.

There are so many different options and words you’ll be bombarded with at first. No different than if you were looking into new doors. Should you get single-hung? Double-hung? Arched, awning, or bay? What color or stain? What kind of glass and locking mechanism?

Note: Once you’re done with this short blog, visit our Triple-Pane Double Hung Windows page for more information on America’s most popular style.

Let’s start with the basic differences between single and double-hung windows.

How The Windows Work

With a single hung window, the sash on top is fixed in place and can’t move. Only the bottom sash is vertically operable. Whereas with a double-hung window, you can move both top and bottom sashes. This image from Milgard, one of the largest U.S. window & door manufacturers, is a perfect illustration.

Why would anyone want or need such a window?

More control over fresh airflow.

Speaking of which…

How The Windows Function

With a single hung window, you only get as much air as the bottom sash will allow. But with double-hung, you can double up. Colder fresher air should come in through the bottom, while warmer air flows out the top.

They look great anywhere in the house, and they’re incredibly popular in New England, but most effective in highly humid areas. For example, imagine a kitchen where you want fresh air constantly coming in while hot, humid, and smokey air is ushered away.

How The Windows Are Maintained

When we’re talking about double-hung windows, not only do the sashes move vertically, but the windows themselves should tilt inward. This makes it easy for you to tilt them inward and clean the glass — absolutely great for windows that are up there on the second and third floors of your home.

How The Windows Look

Double-hung windows come in just about any color, style, size, and finish that single hung do. No matter what kind of home you have, double-hung windows can fit in beautifully, or completely update the look.

The Differences In Cost

Because of the added features, functionality, extra hardware, and materials, double-hung windows are going to cost more. Keep in mind you have a wide range to choose from.

At Rescom Exteriors, we install triple-pane double-hung windows that are rugged, stylish, secure, and energy-efficient for local New England homeowners. Here are three of the main benefits our customers are investing in, along with links to more information.

  • Top-End Efficiency: Extra-thick triple-pane glass and other cutting-edge energy features ensure premium energy savings. Visit our Triple-Pane Comfort page for the details.
  • Ultra-Quiet: The ultra-thick triple-pane construction can reduce outdoor noise pollution in your home by up to 66%. Check out our Whisper Quiet page for more info.
  • Bank-Vault Security: Our exclusive 4-deadbolt locking system ensures the most secure window on the market. For more details, visit our Bank-Vault Secure page.

Bottom Line: Double Hung Has Two Moving Sashes

Single-hung windows have a single vertically movable sash, while double-hung have two movable sashes.

If you’re a New England homeowner, don’t hesitate to Contact Rescorm Exteriors to ask us all your window-related questions. Established in 1995, we’re the longest-running locally-owned window & door company in the area. We’ve installed countless thousands of these models in your neighbors’ homes, and we would be proud to help you as well. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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