Our Window’s Energy-Saving Secret For Your New England Home

Revealed: Our Window’s Secret, Invisible,
Energy-Saving Weapon

Our Exclusive Gas Fill Provides You With
Maximum Insulation… At Maximum VALUE.

If you’ve poked around the Windows section of our website, you may have seen us mention Alpha-10 Gas. This is our window’s exclusive insulating gas that we insert between the glass panes. In this article, we explain why our gas fill is superior to other gas fills for New England homes.

Gas Fills Are Either Argon Or Krypton

Modern windows typically come with one of two types of gas fill: argon or krypton. Both are inert, odorless, and non-toxic. And both are used for insulation.

Window manufacturers use argon more often. It’s a more abundant resource than krypton, so it’s less expensive to use when making windows.

Krypton is denser than argon and made up of smaller particles. Since it’s a rarer resource, it’s more expensive for manufacturers to acquire.

Both of these gases are MUCH better insulators than ordinary air. (Windows that have just air between the panes? Don’t waste your money.) But there are key differences between how these gases fill the space between panes of glass.

Imagine a swimming pool filled with basketballs. Have enough basketballs, and they’d fill the entire pool, right?

Yes. But their relatively large size would create small gaps between the balls. That is essentially how argon gas fills the space in a window pane.

Argon’s large particles can create gaps for air.*

Now imagine that swimming pool filled with golf balls. Golf balls are a lot smaller than basketballs, so they can be packed in tighter, eliminating gaps. That’s how krypton gas fills the space in a window pane.

Krypton particles (denoted in red) are small & fill the entire space.*

Bottom line:

  • Argon Gas: A great insulator. Less expensive than krypton. Large particles can create gaps for air to slip through. (“Basketballs in a swimming pool”)

Krypton Gas: Premium insulator. More expensive than argon. Small particles eliminate gaps. (“Golf balls in a swimming pool”)

Alpha 10 Combines The Best Of Both Gases

Here’s the thing… it’s possible to achieve the highest levels of insulation by combining argon AND krypton. This provides you with the best efficiency—at a lower cost than choosing windows with a 100% krypton gas fill.

How do we know? Because that’s exactly what you get with our triple-pane windows.

Our exclusive Alpha 10 gas is the perfect mix of argon and krypton. Imagine that swimming pool again. But this time, it’s filled with basketballs AND golf balls. The golf balls strategically fill the gap areas between each basketball.

The result is the same 100% fill rate of krypton gas… at a more economical price.

Alpha 10 is a gas blend that fills the entire space at lower cost.*

Alpha 10 Gas: Premium insulator. Reasonably priced. Strategic combination of large and small particles eliminates gaps. (“Basketballs AND golf balls in a swimming pool”)

How Else Our Ingenuity Ensures You Top Value

This is just one example of how we think smarter to provide you with the best windows at the best value. Other energy and performance innovations include…

  • Solid Substructure: Our windows contain a titanium-composite skeleton for unrivaled rigidity and warp-proof performance.
  • 4-Point Hidden Deadbolt System: Instead of one puny little latch lock, our windows come with a heavy-duty hidden deadbolt system made of STEEL.
  • Triple-Pane Technology: Rescom windows are made with the thickest and most efficient triple-pane glass on the market.

Do we sell the cheapest windows in New England? No.

Do we sell windows that, pound for pound, pack maximum value for your dollar? No question.

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*Colors in images are for illustration purposes only. Argon, krypton, and Alpha 10 gases are clear and colorless.

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