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Awning Windows - Rescom

Triple-Pane Awning Windows
For New England

For Excellent Ventilation, Tight Spaces & More.

Many homeowners in New England choose triple-pane awning windows from Rescom because they are versatile, can be installed in tight spaces, and provide excellent ventilation. Our top-of-the-line awning windows offer many benefits and are backed by one of the industry’s strongest guarantees.

What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows open from the bottom with the simple turn of a hand-crank, allowing for the glass panel to act as an awning, protecting your home from penetrating water. Rainwater hits the glass panel and is redirected towards the ground rather than into your home.

Typically, awning windows are installed in areas that could use a little more ventilation and/or privacy (kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc). The smaller size and outward extension of awning windows makes them easy to install in tight spaces like above cabinets or sinks. Awning windows can even be combined with another window style to create unique curb appeal for your home.

Rescom Replacement Awning Windows

When you choose an awning window for your home, the experienced design consultants here at Rescom will work with you to customize it for your home and your style. 

Our awning windows are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, as well as grille patterns. They will be custom-fit to the exact specifications of your home.

Other reasons to choose our awning windows:

  • Bank-Vault Secure: Multiple deadbolts, a stout frame, and three panes of glass offer unrivaled protection. Find Out More…
  • Triple-Pane Comfort: Your home will feel more comfortable—and your energy bills will be lower—year-round. Find Out More…
  • Titanium Tough: The frame of our window contains a titanium-composite substructure for warp-proof performance. Find Out More…
  • Beautiful Style: Rich colors and design options deliver the right look for your home and personal style. Find Out More…
  • 50-Year Guarantees: You get total peace of mind with our 50-Year Performance Guarantee and 50-Year Home-Security Guarantee. Find Out More…
  • Whisper Quiet: Up to a 66% outdoor-noise reduction is what you can expect from our windows. Find Out More…

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